We're proud to have been featured by popular west coast dog blogger, Max and his person Aisha at I Am Vancouver Dog! Check out their review of our Hands Free Leash here


I just wanted to let you know that I love my Jac Trac. 

Its the best thing I have bought since getting our puppy in October, and trust me, I have literally spent $1000+ on just toys/collars/leashes etc... 

With a regular leash, being pulled downwards all the time by a not-yet-fully-trained 70lb puppy, sends me to the chiropractor a lot so if anything the Jac Trac is saving me money! Not to mention it stops you from looking like a complete idiot when your dog all of a sudden sees a squirrel!



Hi, I purchased your hands free leash today at the Pet Expo in beautiful Victoria, and while the theory behind it seemed sound I was still a bit skeptical. Well, after fidgeting with the buckles til I had the right fit for my hips and Kaeli's collar I gave it the first test. I took her out to her enclosed dogrun which is about 40X35ft, and began to walk "the grid". Initially she balked, then tried the "Ninja jump" complete with a lovely rotational spin, and I nearly lost my balance............nearly! I managed to recoup, and carried on with the training excercises I have been working on. It took about 3 minutes and it was like she just "got it" and began to walk where she should be. Not one to believe all miracles are attainable with this dog, I am beginning to think perhaps this is the answer to my prayers! After 10 more minutes outside, I took her in the house and began the same stuff as we had been doing outside.... walk forward... and when I stop she sits on my left flank and waits for the "let's go" to move forward again. I can't believe how easy this was, and hope that with continued practise I will feel confident enough to start taking her out in the 'hood again and not have to worry about her pulling my shoulder apart anymore. Thanks so much!!!!


Follow Up from Princess.....

I took Kaeli ( she's a pit/sharpei ) to Petsmart late this afternoon for our usual "visit", and I put the Jac Trac on her there to see how she'd react with all the other dogs and hubub. She is NOT a patient girl, and tried to go off and wander but of course she couldn't, and after 15 minutes of fighting with me and pulling in all directions she finally just gave up! I know this is going to take some time to finesse, as my lower back is a bit sore from it all, but with daily persistence I think this may just be the ticket. I'll keep you posted on our progress :)


You guys are awesome, it was so nice to meet you. I can not get over my new hands free leash, Brandi has really taken to it as well. i am really putting it through its pace's and will be writing a review soon.
Thank you so much!



I love my hands free leash! I started with walks to get my dog and I used to wearing it. He quickly adapted! I can have my dog walk behind me or at the side of me and I can adjust the leash to fit my hips and to extend to the length I need for the size of my dog. Its comfortable and easy to use. Now I can walk with and keep my hands free for handholding and coffee. Now that my dog is used to it, I bring him along on all my runs, keeping my arms and hands free and exercising us both at the same time. A great product, well thought out and well made.



Ok...I just got back from my run with your Jac Trac....I LOVE IT and cannot wait to tell people about it.  The regular lead was perfect because it still had length and the collar was great as well.  Thank you so much for this fantastic product.